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A Few of the Faces I Want to Remember

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Most of these conference pictures come from Anne O.’s blog:
The View from Behind Our Rose-Colored Glasses

Group photo
We stand to the right of the middle pillar. Sharon wears her red pirate hat and I wear mouse ears.

Jake and Anne
Anne came to unschooling through Jake. His incredible spirit taught her to shine.

He began unschooling at the age of twelve. His speech about the process of going from a “dull and boring” school child to a “bright and happy” (or something like that) unschooler reminded me (once again) how important it is to let our children be.

She also began unschooling at age twelve and she’s now in college. Both Cameron and Brenna received standing ovations. Grown unschoolers are the greatest testament to unschooling!

Kelly and Ben

A name she chose for herself, I think at the age of seven, and it fits.

Another conference car

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12 September, 2008 at 12:08 pm

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