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Alfie Kohn On “The Value of Negative Learning”

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Seeing the world in a negative light has its advantages. Negativity can be used in positive ways. Perhaps I shouldn’t feel bad that it’s always been such a strong mode of learning for me.

“The [people] we’re looking for — are those who say, ‘I want to work to change this system so others will be spared what was done to me.’ They have the compassion and the courage to shake up the status quo and denounce cruel traditions. They’ve mastered the art of negative learning and developed a commitment to making the world, or at least whatever part of it they come to inhabit, a better place than it was before they got there.”

Thank you, Alfie Kohn, for brightening my day. The entire article, which was published in Education Week on 9/16, can be found on Kohn’s website.

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20 September, 2009 at 10:09 pm

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